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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 shares Check out my Chinese Face Mask! https://images.plurk.com/3489917_a0a68bd8a05fc72cb79a8021fd6afddb.jpg
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Homemade Halloween Costumes:
It is getting close to that time of year again where children go trick or treat... *bit.ly/w4C08v
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Green Worm Composting:
If you meet someone in the street or online there is usually a good chance that the p... *bit.ly/oRvVqA
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Go Green with Your Lunch:
Do you ever get tired of hearing or seeing reports about the landfills? Have you s... *bit.ly/qu5m36
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Using Meters to Become Greener:
Becoming green is harder than many people think. Going green means that you ... *bit.ly/ocDOGi
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Power Saving Tips:
Going green can be very easy if you know what to do and do plenty of research before you ... *bit.ly/o0cLMw
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 How to Make Your Lawn and Garden Go Green:
Many people are doing everything in their power to go green in th... *bit.ly/o53ibC
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Green Energy:
If you have seen on the news how bad the environment is, you have probably been scared and wan... *bit.ly/nz8dEg
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Going Green Even After Death:
Near the end of life many people do not really consider what will happen to th... *bit.ly/r6g218
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ㄇㄞˋ大哥 Eco Retailers:
With the environment increasingly getting worse more people are seeing on the news and on sho... *bit.ly/mVdwGJ
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