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Jujubean Did anyone else go a little nuts with Sephora's VIB sale? I promised myself i wouldn't buy anything since I didn't truly need anything, but of course I caved. They just make me feel so damn special with their emails and little prompts to check something out.
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Jujubean oh my gosh, if you need a little perk, just watch this LIVE: Pregnant feral cats Rula and Ramona just had k...
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Jujubean replurks SophHarlowSL Hi!! As most of you know the Hope For V fundraiser is happening today. Over the years there has been so much negativity about fundraisers, and with good reasoning. A lot of our heartstrings were pulled and the funds were not used "correctly". It sucks to be taken advantage of, esp when we all work hard for our money and many are struggling.
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Jujubean replurks cae_sl Casper's response to E2V retirement E2V closing its doors
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Jujubean replurks SophHarlowSL Blueberry switched to a new vendor system a couple of months ago nearly seamlessly. DTS was true to his word and gave all the information that was necessary to make it a smooth transition. The person who developed the system will be announcing it with details soon enough. <3
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Jujubean 转噗 torafuku Here's my WIP of a vendor system I'm making, so don't switch from e2v just yet pls lol. There's still a lot I have left to do with it, but here's what it's looking like so far.
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Jujubean replurks SLinkbySiddean I made a blog about Bakes on Mesh! SL Project Viewer – Bakes on Mesh
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Jujubean Hello! just a little note to say I'm goign to be a little late to C88 tonight. I'm still packing up the vendors :X
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Jujubean replurks lxlNoel https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4669/39867247824_ee5416c61e_b.jpg my items for Fameshed, opening later today! Hope you like them!
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Jujubean replurks halogenmagic https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4767/39815112554_4d1904d4fd_b.jpg
Forgot to post this earlier - Beagle Puppies for The Arcade! Opens tonight!! <3
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