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Jujubean I am aching to go on a long road trip soon. Maybe in Spring. Kind of nervous of driving alone though, is that strange? Maybe I'm too paranoid sometimes!
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Jujubean Hellooo! Just poking in since I finally have some free time. <3
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Jujubean Hello! Here's what I have out for C88. Have a great weekend, all! <3 Tres Blah - Long Sweater C88 Sept 2018
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Jujubean replurks lxlNoel dust bunny @ c88 My items for this round of C88! Hope you all have a great weekend
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Jujubean replurks byfluttermemel Stories&Co. for Collabor88 / September'18 out at midnight at C88!
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Jujubean replurks Allegory says banshee ombre heels 8 8 midnight at Collabor88!
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Jujubean Hello! Just peeking in for a min to share my Saturday Sale item. This is an old item from 2015 that I updated to fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. Hope you all are well! <3 Tres Blah - Saturday Sale 9/1/18
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Jujubean I drove my brother to a doctors appointment in corona and it is really eerie out here. I guess I’m close to the “Holy fire.” There’s already ash on my car :-o https://images.plurk.com/29cI4BsrthjinDh37Aqlx5.jpg https://images.plurk.com/19duUGrz3b92zcJ90qyzFn.jpg
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Jujubean Hello! Just wanted to share what I made for this round of C88 Tres Blah - Tiered Dress August 2018 Hope you all have a good month <3
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Jujubean For anyone who likes Trader Joe's, if you haven't tried this yet https://imgs.plurk.com/QuX/xNJ/KTpDcA0la3DWZCqtXPL3KXPhTFT_lg.jpeg then you gotta. So good!
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