♥ Jennie♥
♥ Jennie♥ shares s3.amazonaws.com/piclyf_pics/38497_fa258b_b.jpg Jed in boots bit.ly/tegvO2
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♥ Jennie♥ shares s3.amazonaws.com/piclyf_pics/33579_ea6a53_b.jpg freshly filled cookie jar bit.ly/qqHzGe
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♥ Jennie♥ shares s3.amazonaws.com/piclyf_pics/33406_ddf326_b.jpg Fully Stocked! :-) bit.ly/oANrSf
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♥ Jennie♥ shares s3.amazonaws.com/piclyf_pics/33216_9004f7_b.jpg Crave burger is good. But I love Stackers more. :-) bit.ly/qQPdak
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♥ Jennie♥ shares s3.amazonaws.com/piclyf_pics/32899_8472ee_b.jpg Jed's penmanship has improved a great deal :-) bit.ly/ik9xKG
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♥ Jennie♥ Yahoo!!! Finally got my karma frozen to 100.00. (headspin)
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♥ Jennie♥ hay napakabait tlaga ng anak ko.nagulat nlang ako puno na lahat ng water container (he filled it up via the dispenser) tapos ngayon mukang
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♥ Jennie♥ ay namakyaw sa employee sale ng Rustan's.
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♥ Jennie♥ Adik na si Jed. Kanina he's dancing (w/his karate moves) to this Rio- Hot Wings (i wanna party) Will.I.Am ft Jamie Foxx Now he googled the lyrics and got it printed
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♥ Jennie♥ Jed wants to go to Rio de Janeiro. First he plotted it on his globe. Then he's been reading things about the place and nangungulit
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