from Asheville, NC, United States
jhand says We are looking for presenters for the October 12, 2015 KAMLE (KansasAssociation Middle Level Educators) Conference. If you are interested here is the link for presenter proposals: Call for Presenters
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jhand says Geary County USD475 has posted an opening for an Instructional Technologist if any of you are interested. Yes, that is my current job but I am changing positions within USD475 next school year.
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jhand says At Podstock 2012!
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jhand says Looking forward to Podstock next week!
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jhand says Go play on Google-play keyboard, record & playback in memory of Bob Moog's Bday. Nice break while searching!
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jhand shares Check this out: Lit2Go
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jhand says Good morning! Helping 5th graders today with green screen and video editing. I always love it when they see the results!
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jhand says Morning plurkers!
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jhand says Night all! Headed to a conference in Las Vegas tomorrow. :-D
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jhand shares MACE links I shared if anyone wants to check them out. Hand MACE Cool Tools
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