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sugarmag asks are we Lost plurking?
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sugarmag says LOST!!!!
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sugarmag says I am failing at Plurk.
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sugarmag says how sad am I that I'm probably going to be working late on my birthday. VERY SAD!
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sugarmag says I am crabby today. And super busy. Not a good combination.
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sugarmag asks have a flickr account? I'm a mod on a new challenge group - come join us: tinyurl.com/kvvwjm It's fast-paced and fun.
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sugarmag says I'm waiting for season 1 of Sons of Anarchy to finish downloading from itunes. It's taking approximately FOREVER!
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sugarmag says I hate verizon - I really do. Having our service go out 3 times within in one month is ridiculous!
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sugarmag says summer's not even officially over yet and I am thinking about next year's vacation. Sigh.
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sugarmag shares https://images.plurk.com/3280072_971046474d64826eb53eb58ce31e5eaf.jpg My baby's 1st day of school. Where do the years go??
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