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ShelbyRoasting says sending hugs and kisses .... I havn't posted since new years (never meant to stay away so long but I'm MIA from SL.
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ShelbyRoasting says (girlkiss)Happy New Yars.. (yers, yeerszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!)yup time fer me beddie ... (and that's why eye don't plurk under the ..
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ShelbyRoasting says we had a traditional Christmas with lots of Turkey and family.... the best gift was grandma who is turning 90 in March....yay Grandma!!
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ShelbyRoasting says we'll I'm off to do some crazy shopping in the Eatons Centre ...
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ShelbyRoasting thinks hell hath frozen over...when the snowbanks are higher than me...I do now welcome the 4th ice age..
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ShelbyRoasting shares https://images.plurk.com/3258325_813254c7edc357330745bc20553f8a78.jpg Vulcan or Elf??
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ShelbyRoasting shares https://images.plurk.com/3258325_f8dd8e53a6030910357aa1c8b5cdaea0.jpg It's kind of funny but while I was uploading..
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ShelbyRoasting shares https://images.plurk.com/3258325_4ff59248bc356c440c28ba55b31fc1c2.jpg another..
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ShelbyRoasting shares https://images.plurk.com/3258325_1e59d6d43e47802b1e46942e740a3669.jpg the weird and Pikachu..
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ShelbyRoasting shares https://images.plurk.com/3258325_d70c3df90770dbc1192df103eaad0688.jpg mmm some interesting things on the mesh grid..
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