Karma 91.88
whyN!ck says Two zha boh drink beer and eat currypuff in the morning!https://images.plurk.com/3257618_c60cf8b0c57857ab86e5a84c7cf26c60.jpg
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whyN!ck says Assistant manager in international fmcg co cannot speak proper english. I need my degree for what? =__=
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whyN!ck says Russell Peter not coming to Mahrehsia edi. We all know somebody's gonna get hurt real bad. :-(
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whyN!ck says first thing coming back. Mark all as read. :-P
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whyN!ck says btw Zomg, 2-1... oops. :-P Karma Babeh. No one will win KARMA!
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whyN!ck says Happy 3rd year on plurky to me. Hehehe.
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whyN!ck says spent at least 5 hours reading 9GAG today until the browser crashed and I dunno where to continue from.
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whyN!ck says Sad is when your father has got more friends than you on FB. 307 vs 299!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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whyN!ck shares ibnlive.in.com/news/moto-gp-marco-simoncelli-dies-after-crash/195744-5-23.html
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whyN!ck says my younger brother named himself- Yess Cheong. Laugh or cry leh? (unsure)
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