from Southend-on-sea, Great Britain (UK)
Saz says Oh wow! I forgot about this. Anyway, Happy New Years everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas! :-D
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Saz Dislike it when you can feel the word at the tip of your tongue but can't remember it. (gpokerface)
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Saz is feeling productive today! G'morning all you lovely people! :-D
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Saz What i have is knowledge. What I seek is wisdom but this I can only have if I am with the spirit.
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Saz is cutting it very close to the deadline! O.O
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Saz says Bakuman is finished! So sad to see it end... but really happy for Mashiro! :-D
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Saz feels that she should sleep. (LOL)
G'night m'dear plurkers! (wave)
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Saz it feels so sad to sing when your voice is going. :-(
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Saz was wondering why the video wasn't playing, then realized that the laptop was on mute. (doh)
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Saz wishes all plurkers a Happy Happy Easter! (party) (headspin) (dance)
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