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KikoQ just finished watching Gran Torino. Who knew that old men can still be that cool? :-D
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KikoQ says Obama wins! (dance)
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KikoQ says he just saw a main character from prison break die. and is asking himself if he still cares. (dance)
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KikoQ thinks the latest ep of how i met ur mother is the perfect ending for the Stella storyline :-(
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KikoQ is downloading the twilight audiobook to see/hear for himself what this fuzz is all about! (music)
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KikoQ has gotten his 2nd nuffnang ad! HK disneyland! woohoo! (dance)
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KikoQ wishes the rain would stop :-(
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KikoQ misses the halloween tv specials of the 80's! todays specials sucks! :-(
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KikoQ is miffed that David Tennant quit the Doctor Who series! X-(
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KikoQ has gotten his first nuffnang ad! wohoo! (woot)
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