HBinVA is knitting my first sweater. I'm on the second sleeve.
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HBinVA says Since I won't be back for a couple more months. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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HBinVA says It's been a while since I've been here. My karma is at 2.52.
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HBinVA asks How is everyone doing? It's been awhile since I've been on Plurk.
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HBinVA says WM de-stash: mond im 7 haus, spice schwarmell, and Verzaubert. Send me Rav PM if interested.
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HBinVA is counting down to our vacation.
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HBinVA thinks most of the frustration in my life stems from not being able to say what is really on my mind.
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HBinVA asks dyers: Does every colorway have to be inspired by the Twilight series?
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HBinVA has successfully stalked numma numma.
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HBinVA is going to take advantage of the rain free morning and go for a run.
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