from Second Life, ON, Canada
Bree Nice Drupal distro for web geeks out there Web Experience Toolkit
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Bree What a shitty week. 2 of my best SL friends died, one last Thursday, one yesterday :-(. They were in different parts of the US and I don't think they knew each other. Both suddenly and unexpected :-(
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Bree The Canadian dollar plummeted overnight. I may have to rethink how much tier I'm willing to pay.
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Bree I am so sorry, my dear American friends. :-(
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Bree 9 years of regular performances by Kourosh Eusebio Saturday mornings on Nitida Ridge. Is this the longest running regular live music gig in SL?
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Bree Good rant - putting into words what a lot of folks are thinking. My Take : This Election
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Bree replurks Bastchild Thank goodness this info is hitting social : I have a gut feeling there may be issues in my area of the Midwest
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Bree Scientists have found a way to make paraplegics move...
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Bree Amazing how well these "fit" : Donald and Hobbes
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Bree https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7769/27306972913_92fcfc72e6_b.jpg - spent the afternoon on Saturday at a park in the city which was the venue for a local arts festival
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