from Second Life, IL, United States
ganK says Not sure why I even renewed my sl premium account.. it's not like I can ever stay logged into the damn thing. grrrr
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ganK says oh noes, someone cut me.. but everyone I care to have on my list is still here so (wave) bye whoever you were lol
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ganK says I have this weird thing with people coughing or sneezing.. I stop breathing when i'm around them. This lady in the store just kept following
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ganK says I'm eating ice cream at midnight because it was a bad day and I really just don't care. (mmm)
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ganK says I seriously didn't just take on another job.. why can't I say noooooo?! (doh)
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ganK says omg 50L friday looks amazing this week! *puts off her work to shop* (dance)
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ganK says wow, I haven't been up this early in a looong time. Morning all! (wave)
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ganK says wow, where the hell have I been? Xstreet is shutting down?
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ganK says ok, a 5 day headache is really enough k?? (tears)
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ganK is wondering where the thunderstorms she was promised have gone to. (unsure)
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