from Melbourne, Australia
ginger_nut shall be moonlighting as a coffee wench in a gourmet deli :-)
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ginger_nut is legend for getting the airport at the parents house networked!
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ginger_nut QOTD: Procrastination is just like masturbation - at first it feels good, but then you realise you just screwed yourself...
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ginger_nut will be knitting at Eastern Beach cafe from 0930 tomorrow morning for KIP day!
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ginger_nut has just realised WWKIP (world wide knit in public day) is tomorrow!
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ginger_nut wonders if its wrong to cut and paste from one job application cover letter to the next...
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ginger_nut enjoys a pipsqueak cider on the road to a long weekend away with friends!
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ginger_nut importing CDs into itunes and listening - some of these I don't think I have heard in years!
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ginger_nut had a lovely evening catching up with old school friends, but now needs a good night sleep!
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ginger_nut is going to watch a little heroes and knit on the scarf for a second rate football team
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