ismelina Been writing. Here's my latest for spotlightsl: Serenity Style
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ismelina whoa zero karma! :-(
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ismelina replurks SpotlightSL shares Meet the Spotlight Contributors – Isadora Fid...
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ismelina replurks strawberrysingh says Casper Warden sent me this image so I thought I would share it: The Second Life Community has the 10th highest donation for the Pulse Gofundme Click here to support Support Victims of Pulse Shooting by Equali...
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ismelina is ready to take some freelance SL work :-) i can write, do PR, and i'm a digital marketing professional. send a notecard inworld!
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ismelina She's got the Donna vibe, which I really like. New Doctor Who Companion REVEALED - Introducing Pear...
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ismelina So an SL friend got me started in #Amaretto #breedables, I got hooked and here are some of my horses for sale.
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ismelina can anyone give me advice on what breedables to get? which is most profitable, etc?
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ismelina four more lessons to go on certification for Digital Marketing at the #shawacademy ! good to know i still know stuff and still learning more stuff! #onlinelearning
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ismelina replurks SophHarlowSL I mean...HELLO new Maitreya PLUS updates. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1652/25628093770_37ece007c3_b.jpg https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1547/25299607323_20fff83755_b.jpg
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