from Binghamton, NY, United States
Mgw189 says I havent been on here in FOREVER......
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Mgw189 says Gah with all the recent adds I decided I better get back to plurking
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Mgw189 says Hmmmm Karma is at 0.00 I guess I need to fix that lol
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Mgw189 says He misses all his chat buddies like notmoira,rixiepixie, tamisgems and karin
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Mgw189 says Well football is over for right now. There is another game on tonight and two tomorrow night
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Mgw189 thinks he has really slacked off on his plurking
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Mgw189 thinks the school district is bull shit. They require the kids to have specific materials and then grade them on it. Some are basic things
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Mgw189 says my Karma is taking a poop due to work.... hmmmm maybe I should quit so I can keep my Karma (g_thinking)
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Mgw189 says I am declaring plurkruptcy.... 166 or so messages... and I am lazy
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Mgw189 says mgwphotoblog.blogspot.com/ It was an interesting Night to say the least
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