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Neektorious just finished Love, Victor S2 and (tears)
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Neektorious is now watching LOVE VICTOR Season 2! (woot)
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Neektorious shares Third time an uncle.
First time meeting the little guy.
Everyone, meet Rocco!
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Neektorious shares Today’s laundry music. Heathers: The Musical (World Premiere Cast Recording...
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Neektorious shares Morning happiness from Burger King! https://images.plurk.com/3qbZTxBVcSlmMxd4bAVgKQ.jpg
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Neektorious greets mati_serrano A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (party)
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Neektorious shares Today is gonna be busy and stressful so selfie muna while still fresh.
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Neektorious shares Oh geez. I was just reminded that I have a voice recording tonight.

And I just drank milk.

Good luck to me.
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Neektorious shares Probably unpopular opinion but I don't hear the actress.
I actually hear the character.
I don't see -I mean, hear- the problem.
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Neektorious shares Good morning! Today’s sexuality is me. Crushing on myself because damn! I feel good! Happy Monday!
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