from Loganville, GA, United States
mnicolem shares www.gofundme.com/camp-mays --spread the word? every little bit helps!!
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mnicolem loves this text message from my advisor: "It's official--you passed your doctoral comps! CONGRATULATIONS!" (party) (drinking)
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mnicolem says father in law still in ICU ...Dr talking about encephalopathy ... keep hubby's family in your prayers
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mnicolem says Oral defense this afternoon ... Final piece of comps for my PhD ... Then dissertation then done ... I can almost see the light
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mnicolem has been MIA for quite some time :-( COMPs are over, though, except for oral defense on March 25 ... then I'm ABD (assuming I pass LOL)
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mnicolem shares dh stood in line for hours to spend $$$ on an ipad 2 and I was going to be mad until he told me he was donating his old ipad to my class ...
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mnicolem is astounded - some employees at a local bank donated FOUR ipod touches to my class!!
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mnicolem shares would appreciate votes for Limeades for Learning - can vote once a day per email address
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mnicolem is helping my 4th grade neighbor with writing
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mnicolem is so proud of my kiddos!!! place value
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