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sofimi feeds are gonna be nothing but u.s. inauguration soon so i'll just retreat now—

📣 watch the expanse, people, y'all are sleepin on this 📣
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sofimi tried a case for my laptop and welp took it off because it has these lips/tabs that sit in between the base and lid and i am not confident about putting anything in between a macbook when you close it, not even a keyboard cover (and people have advised against webcam covers)
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sofimi may nagpapaputok at kanina pa umuulan. okay then

(baka ganun siya kalayo. k)
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sofimi Tempted to buy all the (inexpensive) handbags that can become backpacks I see but one probably needs variety in one’s stuff 🥲
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sofimi all i know abt clubhouse app is stuff like this yeesh Taylor Lorenz on Twitter
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sofimi So I watched snippets of that 89.9 convo and ehhh Chin is that guy who thinks he's so smart and edgy by twisting all the arguments, idol niya siguro si Ben Shapiro ~~ boom pwned the fake woke libz ~~
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sofimi sinong nagpauso ng ganitong twang of speaking sa youtube because this ain't it for me, chief
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sofimi 50 million subs, that’s more than 3x people who voted for the turtle
Kat Tenbarge on Twitter

I’m just plurking tweets now i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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sofimi no this is not why i love twitter nadistract na naman po tayo sa propaganda machine ano po opo JC Punongbayan on Twitter
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sofimi There's a Horse In The Hospital | John Mulaney | Net...
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