Karma 104.30
sofimi hamilton film wait lang pls i have a bunch of snoozed to dos
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sofimi May optimal time of day pa ba na less traffic or Walang Nagbago by Eraserheads
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sofimi Noticed I was following a Twitter account that was just… a certain type of pics… and I can't tell whether it's a bug or someone else's account that got hacked / sold (ninja)
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sofimi what's a good cctv / ip security camera? this seems promising? TP-Link Tapo C200

was gonna look at options at (xiao) mi store but this looks more sulit?
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sofimi what the frak please tell me this isn't some bogus speculation Whatever on Twitter
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sofimi my question is, is it really cloning / impersonation if the accounts are blank i.e. there's nothing in the accounts being copied except names (so far). but for those "clones" messaging the "originals" — yeah those ones definitely.
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sofimi too pissed anxious distracted to get significant work done so i cleaned up other people's crap. ok.
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sofimi gusto ko ng k380 pero natetempt na rin ako sa rakk mkb
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sofimi > makes clean light ui that devs say is plain
> “what if you made a dark mode”
> presents both options to client
> client wants background of dark mode + original light ui
> pikachu face dot jpeg

don’t assume a client will do what you expect them to especially if you have “options” (haha) also you are not the client (ninja)
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sofimi wonders is anyone else scared of the deluge of people going to The Malls tomorrow
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