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sofimi Why is there so much content about Imee Marcos in my Twitter feed? She’s just gaining traction every time someone reacts to her no matter how good the burn.
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sofimi wants a mech keyboard (insert some uwu here)
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sofimi https://images.plurk.com/5aVqkERgX6Aeh7KviQY8Fb.jpg
so ano ba talaga Save Philippine Seas on Instagram: “Have you signed ...
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sofimi can we talk about the problem with dichotomy? have they not seen how brands like fenty developed 50 shades to cater to every imaginable skin color, and then skinwhite just rolls back the progress to 2D, binary, white-or-other? why are the motifs black vs white stereotypes? maybe you should’ve licensed the michael jackson song na lang
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sofimi TIL the voice actor for Tamaki (Ouran) is also the one for Light (Desu Noto), which he won an award for (aha)
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sofimi replurks plurkenjoy We've been collaborated with Le gioie cafe since last year. And you can visit Plurk theme Cafe in Taipei!
https://images.plurk.com/fu9f8lxpOkyooK9xXYlGT.jpg https://images.plurk.com/45YdabV5FDPyZBZ7HDelMP.jpg
There are a lot of Plurk theme dishes.
plurk 咖啡 !噗浪獸餐點簡直底片終結者,來去朝聖囉![硝子vlog][「桔也x噗浪」咖啡廳]One Plurker siyouko made a video!
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sofimi so tired of the need to always be "on" and promoting yourself
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sofimi this lady going on and on about how her blood color looks sooo different, ~di ba ganyan yung dugong mayaman?~ teh deoxygenated blood yan, try not to sound so desperate with your repeated, insistent flexing
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sofimi Down pa rin FB?
I’ve stayed away for the past week, mga 95%. It’s hard when you need to access certain info that’s only available there 🙄
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sofimi I find it just a wee bit funny when expensive PH products are photographed at places like sari-sari stores for the ~local ~aesthetic, but you know their company vibe is sooo the opposite of that, they just look out of place there (ninja)
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