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sofimi can we please stop using gendered nouns like janitress already
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sofimi People are protesting in HK and freaking Russia pero dito kebs pa rin oh well Olga Lautman on Twitter
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sofimi sana kasi ganito yung piyesa sa piano lessons eh Yu Yu Hakusho「Unbalance na Kiss wo Shite」Ru's Pi...
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sofimi Studio Cult on Instagram: “💿💿💿 Stop being iridescent...

don't you just hate it when social media managers post different things on different platforms and you want to RT a thing on FB / Insta but it's not there (I know there's tailoring etc but still)
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sofimi Do you ever miss The Newsroom Jeff Daniels Says "To Kill A Mockingbird" Is A "Righ...

Also a Broadway play of To Kill A Mockingbird with this guy delivering Aaron Sorkin words, damn penge pera para mag NYC
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sofimi thinks the laptop charger is wonking out because the electrical line quality is dirty or unstable so it's automatically disabling itself. Do I need a voltage regulator, UPS, surge protector, or all of the above?
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sofimi Meeting time in calendar invite: X
Actual start of meeting: X+2
End of meeting: X+5

Woohoo Friday na ba
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sofimi Speedtest says 90-130 Mbps but I still get booted out of and return to a very choppy voice call hay Pilipinas :-(
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sofimi You know what else is toxic Filipino culture? People who jokingly raise their arms in a gesture about to hit someone. That right there is casual, normalized physical abuse.

Ugh I need to take a break and stare at some trees, I think.
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sofimi https://imgs.plurk.com/Qwz/Nfv/XaGVKmR12xdf6sX2BPJq33NiPrb_lg.jpg
So hard to find an office chair that has a gaslift and swivel but NO wheels. This was on Mandaue Foam but now it's gone.
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