from Monroeville, PA, United States
TTG hopes everyone has wonderful Thanksgiving.
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TTG hopes to be more active on Plurk I've been gone too long. and I hope there are still friends on here.
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TTG wonders what happened to Plurk...it's like a vast wasteland anymore.
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TTG thinks Halloween is for kids and wishes neighbors wouldn't throw lets get trashed party.
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TTG has been so busy IRL I haven't had much of a social (media) life ;-)
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TTG asks does anyone know how much a MedExpress costs if you don't have insurance?
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TTG shares Gap is holding a nationwide contest to find the next faces of babyGap Check out Eliannas entry here:
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TTG will be at the dr's today at 3:30 pm, hope it doesn't ruin my 5:30 dinner plans :-(
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TTG Plurk Karma....way down....and I don't care.
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TTG shares New BLog Post about Sats accident
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