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RosemaryM shares iPads, ePubs, and Windows iPads, ePubs, and Windows - stuffing a square peg in a round holeiPads, ePubs, and Windows - stuffing a square peg in...
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RosemaryM Hey, ESSDACK peeps: Desperate here for tomorrow morning:
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RosemaryM US News & World Report has named Buhler High School one of the top 10 high schools in KS: www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/kansas/rankings
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RosemaryM loves new Google Docs spellcheck! Smart Spell Checker in Google Docs
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RosemaryM replurks MissJAustin says On an exciting note, I am going to watch the Hunger Games on Saturday with my bestie! Wish we lived closer!!!
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RosemaryM Have you run into issues with the Keynote app for iPad2?
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RosemaryM is preparing for HS teacher PD for new online portfolio initiative
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RosemaryM shares amazing video of our HS students performing service for the school and community on Citizenship Day. Citizenship Day 2011 at Buhler High SchoolCitizenship Day 2011 at Buhler High School
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RosemaryM Packing for ISTE! Ready to learn....
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RosemaryM Help! Need the link to the iCiL flyer to give teachers!
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