male  Karma 1.00 
Tie wonders who stole all my karma and eyes Kitty suspiciously
ago | 20 responses
Tie needs suggestions for an interesting job to do, preferably not involving cat food, road traffic surveys or anything insurance related
ago | 15 responses
Tie just poked Kitty out of bed amidst many complaints
ago | 12 responses
Tie SL parpy starting now YAY! slurl.com/secondlife/Memento/197/62/22
ago | 4 responses
Tie pokes at plurk nervously after avoiding it for a couple of days and gets set upon by a herd of wild responses, "EEEEK!"
ago | 19 responses
Tie has found the next best thing to fantastic contraption, if not better! www.shockwave.com/gamelanding/planttycoon.jsp
ago | 6 responses
Tie says Bloggy blog post for serious cat lovers only broadlyoffensive.blogspot.com/2008/08/cat-sex-part-3.html
ago | 3 responses
Tie plurks about some tiny, fluffy little animals that are very, very sad and eagerly awaits the sympathy karma
ago | 27 responses
Tie peeks into plurk after avoiding it for a couple of days, "Who stole my karma?!"
ago | 20 responses
Tie admires Kitty's escort/dancing style and mutters about Kitty earning more money
ago | 5 responses