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hellfroze happy new year plurk (wave)
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hellfroze (wave) off to San Francisco!
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hellfroze www.madtomatoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/avatar_poster.jpg saw avatar - the story wasn't exactly risktaking but beautifully executed nonetheless.
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hellfroze www.sherv.net/cm/emo/christmas/santa-dance.gif merry christmas plurk!
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hellfroze is python-hacking on exaile (evilsmirk)
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hellfroze dropped off a huge sack of clothes and like 8 pairs of shoes at goodwill today... i hope someone can make use. some of it was new,
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hellfroze www.el33tonline.com/images/cache/9021.jpg who else is playing the Gran Turismo Time Trial Challenge??? I'm down to 1:44, putting me at ... 15551th.ish
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hellfroze stockdisplays.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/secretary-poster.jpg saw Secretary - what an strange movie. James Spader always has such a weird vibe.
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hellfroze nswf --
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hellfroze (wave) hello, working stiffs
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