from Manila, Philippines
delisyus wonders ... when Dolphy dies, will you go line up at the wake?
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delisyus wishes herself luck in commuting to Makati later to fetch Yakee...
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delisyus is wondering what to do with son who was looking forward to school today
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delisyus thinks Kate lost a lot of weight and her makeup was too much... she looked older than her years
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delisyus is concerned about the new McDo commercial
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delisyus Chin Seng Ent.... i love your squash seeds and pistachios mucho mucho!!! best 'ubong from Sing ever
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delisyus is going to the Scarecrow Festival in Manila :-) tara go!!!
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delisyus just bought her first groupon vouchers... shucks, first time my EON gave me this kind of high :-D
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delisyus brought yakee to his trial class this morning... where 2 boys fought over who would help get the placemats... aylavet
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delisyus just got back an hour ago from Midnight Mercato... w/ Yamee interested in the Manang's chicken we were eating
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