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Daphne says Heard on election coverage "Massachusetts is going Republican." Ummmm no. We've had a Republican governor since 1990, except for the last 8 years. BUT almost all the other elected offices went Democrat.
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Daphne asks Can I blame the Patriots for my need for Retail Therapy? Seriously, what happened that second half? It's going to be a long season.
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Daphne says You know it's time for bed when you visit various websites to see if the Konami Code does anything... FYI It does work on Plurk.
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Daphne wishes moving houses in RL was as easy as SL. I would do a Return All, Rez a new house and spend an hour or so decorating the new place.
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Daphne says I really should post something on my blog so people know I'm not dead, just drowning in RL shit.
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Daphne says How soon after broadcast does iTunes get the new Doctor Who's? Or should I just work some VPN magic to use BBC iPlayer? I cut my cable back to basic so no BBCAmerica for me.
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Daphne shares What I did on my summer vacation: Reports from a medieval war
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Daphne says I already finished the Audible version but I squeee'd when the signed copy arrived. #AllSoulsTrilogy
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Daphne says Busy getting ready for vacation and listening to Deborah Harkness' The Book of Life, final book in the All Souls Trilogy.
So what did I miss?
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Daphne asks Does anyone else use an VPN and have to turn it off when logging into Second Life or nothing seems to work right?
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