☆ stacy 8/2013
from Haddonfield, NJ, United States
☆ stacy 8/2013 What are you all getting your students for a holiday gift this year...if anything?
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Just checking in after a tennis meeting tonight.Tomorrow busy day with teaching (kids are sewing their stockings)play practice, a county meeting, and a viewing.But,it's Thursday and that came pretty darn quick.
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Tomorrow,guidance,art,tech,lunch,math test, play practice,tennis meeting after school. Not a bad day for a Wednesday.
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Just finished doing Raz-kids.com reading records AT HOME.Students record on their own&I analyze it from here.Great program from A-Z reading,but requires a license. If interested in finding out more,let me know.
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Love the social studies map test I gave.Three maps;one local around the school,one of the town, and one of the US. Kids had to tell me what direction to go to get from place to place. So far, all As and Bs.
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Wow...I have been away a long time but always thinking of my PLURK friends during this time of year. Hope you are all well. Spending too much time on FB, I guess.
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Exhausted and didn't even have kids today. Eval workshops until 1pm then worked in class. Keeping it simple.
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools
Ravitch, Diane; Hardcover preordered and ready to read
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☆ stacy 8/2013 Thanks to Barbara my planbook.com is looking better. Now I just need plans...although Dot Day on Friday is looking good
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☆ stacy 8/2013 One more day.....
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