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Joriben And suddenly Disney Reportedly in Talks to Purchase 21st Century ...
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Joriben So may nagrant na andame daw gatecrashers sa event niya. Pero siya numero uno gatecrasher. Di ko kinaya.
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Joriben hayuf ka wittybunny
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Joriben Slaying Chaos and saving the world on a Tonberry Suit.
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Joriben 🎡🎢I don't need to be the
King of the world...
As long as I'm the
Hero of this Little girl...🎢🎡
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Joriben "You will always be a second rate trying hard mistress; desperadang gaga; feelingerang asawa at professional pokpok."
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Joriben BTS: Lion King Live Action movie
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Joriben Watching a cooking show:

Chef is cooking a "starchless" pancit so he used vegtables as substitute for the pasta.

Then half way in cooking, while cooking the pancit sauce this happened:

"then to thicken the sauce, we will add corn starch"

Me: 😐😐😐😐
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Joriben Si Minokawa at ang Lanto ng Kanak
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Joriben (evil_grin) (dance)
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