Jade Troll
from Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Jade Troll Blender... You are where dreams go to die. DIE DIE DIE.
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Jade Troll Decorating the sim for spring is so much fun.
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Jade Troll oh crap I forgot about plurk >.>
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Jade Troll just wanna quit coughing tbh :-(
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Jade Troll hmmmm thinking about starting a photography business in SL...
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Jade Troll GnN post!! <3 https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5777/29772580243_57381baefe_b.jpg
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Jade Troll Violetile :-o PLEASE MAKE THIS FOR XMAS <3
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Jade Troll welp. morning has been full of disappointments.... Got into Epiphany. Both sims crash hardcore. end up back at home... can't get back in... Go to take my dog out.. bag rips while I clean her poo... Q.Q
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Jade Troll https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5701/30165713136_62af3e4a69_b.jpg
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Jade Troll Steak, Lobster, Baked Potatoes and Gelato Q.Q I love birthdays at my house. Happy Birthday to my wonderful old ass boyfriend <3 You're 27! Wooo!
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