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JAG asks If this still works (LOL)
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JAG replurks ayaliotta asks what are some other words that can be used instead of "Fatpack" - I hate that term.
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JAG says Good Morning! :-)
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JAG says Helloooooo to everyone :-D
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JAG has decided that I’m not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on.
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JAG shares Here I am watching tinyshrimp 's Baby while she plays with the toys lol. https://images.plurk.com/13030_41f1d8b7b1a61066cbab63786ca24bab.jpg
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JAG says Good Morning!
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JAG thinks front page should be after the my profile ticker.
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JAG says Good Morning!!
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JAG wonders how long it will take to get me some more emoticons again. Oh and Good Morning all!
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