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acroyear70 Hey! It's "Cruella Da Bill" from A Hun...One Hu...uh... 99 baby dalmatians and 2 grown up dalmatians! ‪#‎wiggleisms‬
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acroyear70 And it's Low-Flying Tuesday...
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acroyear70 bought 18 eggs today at the little prime mart next door, while faireraven got a car wash. that was our black friday spending. nyah.
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acroyear70 #backtothefuture We today have 60" flat-screen, wide-screen TVs we hang above a fireplace, that do live video-conferencing. #nailedit
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acroyear70 shares Supermoon Eclipse from his photo jottings blog.
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acroyear70 "Dude, don't say ‪#‎piggate‬ in front of Jesus!" - Cartman
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acroyear70 There's no such thing as feeling 45. Your brain is still (mostly) 25, and making you do things you could do when your 25.
After which, everything hurts like you're 65.
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acroyear70 oh the fun of credit fraud, even when it isn't your card
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acroyear70 the meeting req that just showed up in my inbox:
JWS.age++; Octoberfest.drink();
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acroyear70 'nuf said
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