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[SkewedS] Our new translator, Misalisa, have translated 0:07:34 / 0:46:34 for Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni 2018 JDrama ep5 where I, Ais, just checked and corrected some of her works. This is her very first English translations of a Japanese video.


https://images.plurk.com/40n1cGIJveU5wwcTYEVNRB.png https://images.plurk.com/1hv8c0KtgOZzXV7SNqtfjr.png
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[SkewedS] Now that I, zeldAIS, am actually typesetting - since the last time I typesetted was like a year ago - davidguy is right - I'm pretty hardcore orz

To be released soon from Skeweds Translations & Hello!Project Translations (https://twitter.com/... https://images.plurk.com/5KUd6iLpnbC85T26btnomb.png
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[SkewedS] Hello!Project fans who can help! Kindly join the Discord Server! (Should TL-SkewedS make a Discord server too? Probably not as it's gonna be another responsibility :-P)

Hello! Project Translations Discord on Twitter https://images.plurk.com/3f4DpRrWVurUkXZ2YpSMwE.jpg
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[SkewedS] Translated 0:48:38/1:28:59 for Ashi Girl SP. The good news is that there is someone who inquired to help in translating Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni 2018. So hopefully, if all goes well, she'll take over translating the JDrama series. Hopefully.


https://images.plurk.com/65b9FkcHs04Zj3ObOr9UVz.png https://images.plurk.com/7AsDx15kWwgUSml9fSj3ht.png
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[SkewedS] Translated 0:22:31/1:28:59 for Ashi Girl SP.

With the start of the new year, & towards the 14th year of TL-SkewedS, alpha & beta versions will be partly typesetted from now on.

Hopeful to finish this special by next week or earlier. Hopeful.


https://images.plurk.com/oXm330rHvzhnVeKJaWT8H.png https://images.plurk.com/5d1423ap1boTlLDzFHTkve.png
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[SkewedS] "Dance With Me" and "Oku Otoko" are now dropped for English subtitling.

- "Dance With Me" is almost done by Veepu Eco
- "Oku Otoko"'s official English subtitles have been released online.

Will just try to finish Ashi Girl SP instead. But first, Ais should stop being sick...

https://images.plurk.com/3Ihr3j04NDt9lkbWlg1iym.jpg https://images.plurk.com/6n1iKlRQ8xmqhszcMse0s3.jpg
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[SkewedS] Thank you Screenrider for buying us Ko-Fi!

Screenrider just bought TL-SkewedS a Coffee on Ko-fi...
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[SkewedS] Galileo Spin-off Series:タガーリン (Tagarin) - Galileo Spin-off Series:タガーリン (Tagarin)
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[SkewedS] [ Video Girl Mai 2019 ep12 finale beta version subs ]

- Subscene - Subtitles for Denei Shojo: Video Girl Mai...
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[SkewedS] Thank you Veepu E for pledging in our Patreon!

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