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SerenaTsukino Finally moved to my new house. This time is my own, not renting anymore! weee
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SerenaTsukino replurks ohmai shares Boop, some of you have asked about how I use Depth Maps to create Depth of Field in Photoshop. So I created a little GIF walkthrough on that plus including a download link to the windlight I use for this.
Depth Map Tutorial :
Depth Map WL (Download File) : Depth%20Map.xml
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SerenaTsukino replurks milneauxyoudidnt
Returning Soon
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SerenaTsukino replurks ohmai shares Step-by-Step SL Photography Tutorial Turned Into an Animated GIF thank you Hamlet_Au & CajsaLilliehook <333 NWN has helped me tremendously as a SL Resident so thank you for this feature
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SerenaTsukino replurks strawberrysingh says People keep asking me if anyone teaches 'how to make mesh for second life' classes inworld or if there are any online tutorials I can link them to.
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SerenaTsukino I just saw this movie and it was amazing. Impressed by Noomi Rapace playing 7 different characters and doing action scenes..
I got tired just from watching. Lol
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SerenaTsukino replurks oakley_foxtrot https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4397/35869992093_a8d9f18f82_b.jpg I'm sure most of you have heard about Valor and what happened to him. But just in case you haven't, click through for more details.
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SerenaTsukino replurka AstraliaCreations I need a videomaker for my Arcade set. Suggestions? Replurk pleasee
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SerenaTsukino model of my dreams since forever.
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SerenaTsukino replurka AstraliaCreations I love making releases based on your suggestions. Sooo? What else you would like to see created? Especially some rings and accessories.
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