SerenaTsukino replurka AstraliaCreations I love making releases based on your suggestions. Sooo? What else you would like to see created? Especially some rings and accessories.
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SerenaTsukino Today I had the SL job interview I've been waiting for a few days. A "serious job" with an extensive list of requirements & duties, including tolerance to working under pressure at this fashion organization. All very serious, but then there was NO PAY. Nobody said that, not in the staff search, nor when they scheduled my interview. So misleading.
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SerenaTsukino pile up for Krishna. I am too lazy for this today, but still wanted to edit her photo.
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SerenaTsukino Ok so this would be my first blog post after 4 years. lol So productive. TsukiLooks
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SerenaTsukino Thinking about randomly blogging again.
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SerenaTsukino GIF New profile pic. Before and after
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SerenaTsukino This hair! :3
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SerenaTsukino replurkea kaorinette https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4395/36398187775_12a0f9f027_b.jpg My boyfriends for Collabor88! Replurk me please~
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SerenaTsukino I've been trying to take a photo for 1 hour and SL crashes everytime. I don't even like the outfit anymore.
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SerenaTsukino I want this book in every color
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