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JupiterVale Ermmm, so yeah... Plurk. How ya been? (I suck, I know!) :-P
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JupiterVale Super duper excited! I have a store again! Woo and hoo! Now, to put stuff in it. Yesss. -plot plot-
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JupiterVale Please replurk! Question for those who have used/know someone who uses Avastar... is it worth the cost/hassle for rigging and weighting mesh items? Please message me! Thank you! :-)
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JupiterVale is super happy! Marketplace is FIXED and stuff is being added... stuff is being made! Woo and hoo! :-D
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JupiterVale hopes LL gets off their butts soon. Two weeks with being run around. Oh, am I the optimist. lol!
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JupiterVale hopes she figures this out quickly. Yay, Plurk!
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JupiterVale replurks AZEAmilia PLEASE REPLURK! Sorry to be dramatic, but I'm hoping to help my friend find a solution to her MarketPlace dilemma in this awesome Plurk circle of ours. One of my oldest SL buddies, Jupiter Vale of Absentia..
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