What's karma?
What's karma?

Every plurker has his/her own karma value. It is recalculated every day and can be within these intervals:

  • 0.00 to 21.00: You are in the state of creation
  • 21.00 to 41.00: You are in the state of maintenance
  • 41.00 to 61.00: You are enlightened
  • 61.00 to 81.00: You are so close to Plurk Nirvana
  • 81.00 to 99.99: You have reached Plurk Nirvana!
  • Karma 100+
High karma also gives you access to exclusive emoticons such as:
*hug* *kiss* *lol* *bye*
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Some tips on getting more karma:
  • Quality plurking each day
  • Responses from other plurkers will gain you karma.
  • Updating your profile (picture, location, birth day etc.) will gain you more karma
What will lower your karma:
  • Spamming other users will lower your karma
  • Inactivity for a long period will decrease your karma
  • Karma will be lowered if you request friendship and get rejected
  • Getting unfollowed by friends will lower your karma
A good rule of thumb is to plurk like you have something to say/share. Plurk spamming will only force your friends to unfollow you and trigger the negative karma effect.