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  • rustybrick says
    plurk send me 93 visitors in the past 15 days or so
  • Te-ge
    yes :-)
  • Unycorne says
    Yes, yes, and Ooops!
  • dazzlindonna says
    yes, yes, and no. why? too lazy (er, can i call it "busy") to track the numbers.
  • theGypsy says
    anyone talk to bounce rates/engagement from Plurkers in comparison to say Twitter or Stumble?
  • theGypsy says
    better? worse? same?
  • Eric Odom says
    dude... it's in the thousands
  • MichDdot
    plurk has a much better time on site than twitter and stumble but i think its due to more direct person2person interest so they read more
  • Beth Harte says
    I am a FeedBurner sped. I can't see any traffic. I don't think it set up right.
  • andrewburnett says
    sort of x 3 - my blog part of my site... both only launched last week, so visitor numbers still very low :-(
  • forrest says
    i mentioned my blog under the "about me" spot ... but haven't done anything beyond that
  • bloggeries says
    I had a 56% bounce rate from Twitter which was awesome. Haven't looked into plurk yet.
  • RohanPinto
    ask not what plurk can dofor your blog, ask what you can do for plurk (g_lol)
  • iaingray says
    I've just had a load of traffic from plurk - less sticky than twitter atm though.

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