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  • ツ Mike says
    Good Morning and good question
  • ツ Mike says
    before I read it, I'll say a person needs balance. It's not an either or issue. We need both. Now, I'll read it.
  • marjorie says
    Loved reading it. I agree with Farho re: balance, w/c I think is Darren's point in article. I probably spend more on my own than others'.
  • SoccerDad thinks
    ProBlogger is right on - use both. I love having my own domain for my blog, but using social media services to build the community is great.
  • ツ Mike says
    Thanks Darren for the encouragement to have goals and focus in whatever we do, wherever we do it.
  • ProBlogger says
    you're welcome - plurk on!
  • oro says
    To answer the question without first reading it... I would say 'yes'. lol, err use it and focus on your properties
  • oro says
    but then again like one of your earlier guest posts says. You should be focusing on building your social media profiles before you need it
  • oro says
    that way you can use it easily once you need to and you have to opportunity to focus as much as you need to on your own property right?
  • oro says
    bad grammr = my plurks
  • imnj says
    [b4 reading] it depends what your goals are. Small biz I say focus on the activities that pay you first.
  • acnatta says
    having just finished reading it I'll repeat my comment from yesterday - it needs to be balanced. Great post!
  • denise205 says
    I just read the post and like the final idea about renting as a stepping stone. Good things to think about here.
  • evemosher says
    i agree with the need for balance- but finding the right balance (esp. when the actual business-offline-requires time) is hard to acheive
  • evemosher says
    any tips on finding the sweet spot on balance? btw good post will be using the theory in my teaching
  • LindaZ says
    been creating community here on FB and Twitter - watching all the bloggers talk about/promote their blog, I see that I can do the same...
  • LindaZ says
    when I start publishing mine
  • SoccerDad says
    LindaZ - well yeah there's that :-D
  • LindaZ says
    social media is where we share bout ourselves, our businesses, connect with like pple interested in what we are up to, blogging fits in well

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