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  • steaprok says
    ya who??
  • Zwartie says
    in order to notice the change, we should have been monitoring their serps already. Hm
  • rustybrick says
    ill be featuring this thread, so please add your comments
  • phixed
    their strategy the last couple years has been pretty similar to the weather report's music...out there! (s_music)
  • storyspinner
    i still care about it because for a certain segment of my clients' audiences - Yahoo is still important.
  • storyspinner
    now if this was a question about MSN - i'd say.. not really
  • steaprok says
    Honestly, I dont think anyone will care much about what Yahoo does, be it weather,meals or whatever.unless its just mindblowing
  • steaprok says
    they just dont really have the traffic for people to care much about them anymore. IMAO
  • UsedCarGuy says
    If it was Google or MSN I might care. Yahoo is on my list

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