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  • kerstinbakerash
    @ replies. And easier import of Twitter converts.
  • dazzlindonna says
    connection t my cell phone like twitter does
  • storyspinner
    oooh like twitter, not going to a webpage and plurking, like the SMS messaging?
  • BarbaraKB gives
    no sharing of e-mail address to new friends in e-mail request. HUGE FAIL!
  • BarbaraKB says
    big reason I am not adding friends not know *nor* am I inviting others here. Not telling clients about Plurk. :-(
  • liamvictor says
    remove all those bloody emoticons. Find / track previous replies. Star favourites
  • storyspinner
    i agree there! find track replies :-)
  • ruudhein
    #1 is tracked or flagged replies. I don't wan't to be rude; it's too easy to miss a response here
  • SearchBuzz says
    easier tracking of threads you are involved in.....
  • jeanannvk says
    I completely agree, track replies and eliminate Karma...who needs the pressure?
  • MackCollier shares
    guys you can search for your replies now, just click on small mag glass icon at bottom right and search for @+yourname
  • Zwartie wants
    Plurk to get rid of the bugs and of the debris of old bugs: wrong numbers, lingering (old) alerts, inability to unplurk someone... etc
  • Zwartie says
    ...and oh yeah: stale accounts should be taken from the offending non-plurkers in question and given to the rightful owner of the name grrr
  • mwilton13 says
    I'd like to be notified or at least be able to see what cliques I may be in outside of my own.

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