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  • LaLaMeow
    Edward! He'd peel it and then shape it like a puppy in a spaceship
  • NordicWulf
    honestly edward. he had the mad trimming skills. wolverine would just get pissed and kill him
  • mimi says
    you are just crazy!
  • bluz26
  • PammySueMe says
    Who WOULDN'T get killed in that mess!?
  • Yuki
    edward...wolverine cant hurt a potato
  • eztephen
    Edward. His topiary skills are 2nd-to-none.
  • PammySueMe says
    But only on poodles & trees...potatoes?...
  • PrincessArtemis says
    Edward wins, then Wolverine tries to kill Freddy for putting him in such a silly contest! (LOL)
  • PammySueMe says
    Fred fied potatoes!
  • Peach
    I'd say McDonalds wins
  • JD7
    Edward! hands.. I mean claws down
  • PammySueMe says
    Santa claw down jacket!
  • JD7
    now in a actual fight? Wolverine no contest :-P
  • TheStylePA says
    Edward wins, hands down (or scissors down haha)
  • Rachel says
    Edward because Wolverine would stop after one second and say F*&k this
  • Linda
  • WonderWoman says
    Wolverine, but Eddy's are sliced thinner...
  • Essedel says
    Edward cause Wolverine doesn't like silly contests like that (LOL)
  • CrazyAjumma says
    Edward! He's more precise.
  • gilbs says
  • vdub144
    Hmmm... Would have thought Ronald McDonald would be the umpire - along w/ hot vats of oil.
  • PammySueMe says
    Edward *oils* his hands...
  • redmaryjane says
    Edward! Scissorhands!
  • icarusxat says
    Edward is dead and it is up to you to fill us in on which of the 10000 ways he died (not the movie fiction they feed us)
  • PammySueMe says
    Self inflicted stab wounds no doubt..
  • 0000 says
    oh. I thought Wynona Ryder killed him
  • NordicWulf
    (rofl) (lmao) I think that's the winner
  • DragynMarie
    Wolverine after the adamantium treatments would kick Edward's butt!!
  • 0000 says
    (lmao) hands down..!!!
  • JeℓℓyBean™ says
    I'd propose Edward would win by trying to "pet" wolverine, or that Freddy Kruger ate both of them
  • DragynMarie
    See, I think that Wolverine would kick Edward's butt, then Freddie would rip Logan's head off. . .

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