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  • northrock
    less thinking involved (g_thinking)
  • rustybrick says
    good nights work well ;-)
  • northrock
    looks like we are on the same wavelength samir ;-)
  • TheDudeDean says
    Girls just wanna have fun?
  • steaprok says
    I was actually discussing same thing w/ yogini . we have tweeted and plurked about a serious issue regarding a missing friend, and received
  • steaprok says
    just a couple of responses, but when I share a stupid video or picture, the comments are on fire..sad :-(
  • Trisha says
    nonsense is more fun
  • KDFrawg says
    A lot of people are spam-bait on a stick.
  • TheDudeDean says
    Its easier to have fun, plus sometimes things are so sad that people are at a loss for words
  • tamar
    but it only happens on plurk!
  • chrispalle says
    totally agree, and it only here that it happens... (s_annoyed)
  • ★Lifecruiser says
    It's the same with blog posts too. We bloggers are too selfish. Just wanna gain interest for our own blogs/plurks or whatever it is.
  • nanath feels
    funny *giggle* (woot)

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