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  • ntt says
    whoa?? is it what I think it is?
  • 【河蟹 14】 says
    chillycraps... will send to me from Factory then I send to people. But so far Mk-II only. Mk-III not even on drawing board.
  • chillycraps says
    that's why your iranian friends came to visit you recently.
  • dk99 says
    Simi MK-II? Gundam ah?
  • victan wonders
    if it's the thingy that was rumoured to be launched on 30 Apr...
  • dk99 says
  • brokenshardz
    Yes it is? Haha... Tell us on wednesday then..
  • victan thinks
    it is the case...
  • dk99 says
    I didn't say anything.
  • dk99 says
    Haven't finish writing. Too busy with April fools jokes. :-P
  • ntt asks
    wait.. if it isn't that laptop... what is it?? how come I dunno one also??
  • XinYun says
    uncle, at least announce product name ma...
  • XinYun says
    nearly 2pm liao lor...
  • ntt says
    not fair.. atleast must tell team-mate leh!!
  • dk99 says
    Sorry for the delay. The review is finally up.
  • dk99 says
    Yes, you guys are right, the review unit is from palm. :-)

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