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  • IcySparks
    my knees won't let me promote the kneeling part, but i do mention communion on the tongue is more respectful when it is appropriate to bring it up
  • frival
    Makemeaspark: just as a point, not being able to do something does not mean you can't promote it if you think it's right.
  • frival
    One of my dear friends from my RCIA days deeply drove home the importance of kneeling for the consecration when I could see the pain in her eyes because her knees wouldn't let her kneel for more than a few
  • frival
    seconds at a time. She couldn't do something and it was because of her inability that she was such a strong witness to its power.
  • japotillorjr says
    does his part when he attends Roman Mass
  • Ciara says
    We can't receive Holy Communion kneeling either because for some reason the rail is not used and it is very hard to kneel on the floor. I always receive on the tongue now :-) We can just do what we can.
  • IcySparks is
    frival: I kneel as best I can, typically one knee or alternate. I have always been a promoter of kneeling for the concecration, but would not be able to kneel at the altar without a rail, I would cause a scene
  • IcySparks is
    trying to get up and down. IN the choir loft, my seat mate knows that i keep the kneeler down even if I am completely unable on a week, to kneel. Like when i had a fall or missed my meds

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