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  • SL Cupid
    If you get a match, you'll each get this in your PP and I will reveal your identities to each other:
  • Sasha Lannister
    n one is gonna pick me, I'm like.. forever alone :S
  • SL Cupid
    If you don't get a match, your secret admirer can choose whether or not to reveal. So this is risk-free. If you don't have a match, and you don't want to reveal yourself to the person, you absolutely do not
  • SL Cupid
    have to. But if you DO get a match with the other person, I WILL reveal your identity with no prior notice <3
  • SL Cupid
    That moment when you find out your crush likes you back
  • SL Cupid
    Kis_Faith: I will only take your first few submissions. Ain't nobody got time for that many submissions. lol
  • Natalie
    Not expecting any admirers etc.

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