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  • ImpSlap
    and yeah i want the story behind it if there is one
  • Faerycat(Beth)
    I think the clockwork swallowtail wings - which were a pain to get the leading on right, but once I did I was really pleased.
  • Faerycat(Beth) shares

    Here's a pic that's not an ad shot.
  • Kalli
    hardly made anything as 2013 had me over an RL barrel... but I'd have to go with this... available for just 24 hours as it was...
  • Auryn Beorn
    Delusion, the gift I made for Twisted Hunt. It was a room where you could live a (scary) story, story that was written and shown in a HUD. Pic (it has the link to blog):
  • Kalia Firelyte
    Conquered two fears in one: trees and houses. :-P
  • Synjari
    Hard to pick one.. Honestly I'm really proud of how my texture skills have evolved the past year. With almost every piece I created, I was more excited than the last as I learned new tricks and methods.
  • ImpSlap
    synjari: n1curr share one of them with us please :-P
  • ImpSlap
    and yeah i saw improvements on almost everyone´s work
  • Agent Cooper says I dunno why. Which reminds me that I should probably put them out. xD
  • Synjari
    ok Ely, lol I'd probably say this one:
  • Synjari
    Sorry the thumbnail doesnt show >.<
  • ImpSlap
    yay that´s pretty
  • sian says
    The Star of Venus Ballgown, which i made because i had made something ugly and wanted to make something beautiful.
  • AZEAmilia says
    Most proud of? The Yum Kimil set for Horrorfest. I had made it with sculpts originally as hunt gift, but I took it a lot further with mesh & texturing.
  • ImpSlap
    people share a pic at least :-P
  • StaceyFarspire says
    I'd have to go with the Death's Grip set.
    Close second, the things I made for GxG this year: Gothmas by Gaslight 2013
    The vest texture is my best 'happy accident' to date.
  • AZEAmilia shares

    Yes ma'am.
  • AZEAmilia shares
    Pic wasn't on my phone otherwise I would have :-D
  • sian says

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