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  • Sam
    Prettyyy <3 lol the inflatable reindeer lol
  • Ahtisham says
    Helllo Kaelyn
  • hyasynth
    samlaszlo: When i saw this on Flickr last night I had this mild panic of "OMG did I accidentally apply environmental shiny to the whole deer?"
  • Sam
    haha no i think its meant to be a blowup deer lol it has a seem also
  • Shyla
    purdy! <3
  • hyasynth
    samlaszlo: I made it it's actually. It is a plush animal - it has stitches and is softer looking w/o shiny applied.
  • Kaelyn Alecto ♥
    lol sorry its a plushie and also credited as one, I added light in the pic and that made it look so shiney!

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