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  • Gwen | Candii
    they shouldn't go to your knees, you aren't a monkey
  • Bouncer
    if they wrap around me, they are perfect
  • ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ ᴍᴇʀɪɴɢᴜᴇ
    stand up and let your arms fall naturally then look at where your hands are in relation to your hips. that is my general rule of thumb on arm length :-)
  • Gwen | Candii
    mmhmm mine in RL land around where your SL hands land. Maybe a tad higher, even.
  • Berry says
    yeah mine rl arms end around where my sl arms are ending, but some people have said they are too short, so I was wondering.
  • ❀⊱Alaris⊰❀
    thats about right..I would say higher 50s and 60s for female..but for male..looks to be in the range of high 30s (adjustment wise)
  • Nutcake says
    Look about right to me!
  • Shay
    your arms end, where my RL arms end, so i`d say all fine
  • Clark
    Honestly, I like my arms long. In RL my finger tips are around mid-thigh, so yeah. I'd say these arms a tad short imp
  • Clark
  • ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ ᴍᴇʀɪɴɢᴜᴇ
    What i find is that if my arms are a length that looks right to me when my avi is standing then they are a tad to long for most animations. So making them a touch shorter usually works.
  • Berry says
    Sometimes, in certain poses, I do feel like they are short so yeah, I have been feeling maybe I should make them longer but I dunno.
  • Mona Eberhardt
    They look pretty much OK. However, do have a look at Penny Patton's "Vitruvian Shapes" and her tutorials on avatar proportions, although I'm sure you've already done so (as you're not 7'5" tall).
  • Berry says
    Actually I havent' seen that. Do you have a link to it?
  • ~✿ Cember ✿~ says
    When I was in Life Drawing, we were told that your wrist bone should be around the same level as your groin/crotch area.
  • ՏɿՏՇɧ
    I think your arms are long enough! The hands could be a tad bigger though, not much but a little bit.
  • Darkley
    they are a bit short, should go halfway down thigh
  • Aya Spot
    My RL finger tips reach about mid thigh in RL. So, to me they are a little short.
  • Berry says
    Ok, thanks guys, I guess I will try making them a bit longer. I don't want to make my hands bigger tho cuz they are a perfect small and then I will have to mess with other sliders too much to make it a medium.
  • Cyclic
    They look normal to me, mine come to about the same length.
  • Berry says
    oh interesting, if I increase the "hand size" slider then it makes my hands bigger too, without messing up the slink small size fitting.
  • Anemysk ∞
    the rule is arms should end mid tight
  • ღWhimsy✶* ̈*•
    if that were me in rl, they would go to the bottom of my skirt, but I have long limbs
  • JellyBelly
    70 - 75 for Medium to Tall avis and 65 for short avis is usually the arm length parameters I use.
  • Berry says
    ok so in the first image I had arm length at 75 and hands at 20.
  • Berry says
    Now this picture is arm length 100 and hand size at 30:
  • ՏɿՏՇɧ
    Ooo that looks great!
  • Berry says
    So the second pic is better now?
  • Berry says
    should I make my hands bigger?
  • /usr/bin/ennui
    looks better, yep, i'd even go a tad longer if it was my shape
  • Berry says
    arm length is already at 100
  • Berry says
    can't go any more
  • Anemysk ∞
    maybe your torso is longer
  • JellyBelly
    I think hands look too big greater than 20...unless one has a very tall large shape
  • Berry says
    yeah maybe. Is my torso too long? Sometimes I feel like my legs are too long. Ugh, I should just change it all!
  • JellyBelly
    Try legs at 40..then just increase your height a little if you feel too short
  • Berry says
    ok legs went from 56 to 40. I feel so short. (LOL)
  • JellyBelly try increasing your height rather than should balance out :-D
  • Harper
    i think you are fine but i notice that the slink hands can be kind of small so i increased my hand size
  • ~Nimil~ says
    penny's shapes are nicely proportioned but they are sooo short... i tried to scale myself like that and i had people accuse me of being a child avvie.. the majority of sl is not built for those shapes
  • Anemysk ∞
    I just checkedI have torso lenglt 55 arms 90 hands 20
  • Berry says
    ok increased my height a bit. I think I'm happy with this for now. Thanks for all yer help guys. :-D
  • Berry says
    You look great anemysk <3
  • Vaki
    strawberrysingh: I was talking about hand sizes earlier this week. I think increasing your hand size now that you're wearing mesh hands makes all the difference: your arms were actually a good size in your
  • Vaki
    first picture, but your hands were way too small. We're so used to having to have small hands because of the bad LL avatar hands, but mesh hands fix that problem. I keep my hands at 37 now that I'm wearing
  • Vaki
    Slink hands all the time, and this puts my fingertips just above mid-thigh where they should be without having super-long arms (I think my arms are in the 70s somewhere; they don't need to be 100, but y'know,
  • Vaki
    do what feels right).
  • Berry says
    So do you think that my hands look the right size now? I am kind of happy with them at 30 now.
  • KirstenCorleone says
    your arms in that pose are bent at the elbows, which makes them a bit shorter. This is not a straight arm pose so you can't compare it to when, in real life, you hold your hands down by your sides.
  • KirstenCorleone says
    It looks great to me, because of the slight arm bend. THat is why it looks proportional because we extrapolate that from the length in our heads. My arms are 70 in SL, but I am 6'2. (ya know, Sl height)
  • Vaki
    strawberrysingh: Yeah, they look great now. Hand size correlates to arm length (hands are a little shorter than the length of your forearm) and head size (hands are a little shorter than your face). So
  • Vaki
    size your hands to be proportional to the rest of you. If 30 is proportional to your arms and head, then that works perfectly (and just at a glance, they look good).
  • DjinniGenie
    I usually stand up and see where my hands hit - and go from there.
  • ♥ Alicia ♥ says
    I only ever notice if someone's arms in SL are just REALLY short. No one ever seems to make them too long.
  • Isabelli
    the arms should go as far as you can cover your vjay with your hands, just like you are now
  • NicoleTwigvald
    I like the changes you made. For my height I usually keep arms at 90 and hand size 35 (with slink hands). I also use the 'can she reach her nethers' test and eyeball it.
  • Nanners©
    oh really cool advice - I'd heard of the arm length before but yeah, do the SLink hands make it possible to be long enough without being too wide now?
  • HybieMynx
    well, if your arms cant reach around and wipe your butt...they are prolly too short
  • The Ⓕ Word says
    Fingertips tend to brush upper to mid thigh. If you're around there, you're good! I think yours look spot on.
  • Vaki
    AnandaS: Yes. When you resize your hands while wearing the mesh hands, they resize proportionally and don't look like baseball mitts.
  • Rose Farina
    My arms are longers .... but I have short torso mixed with long legs soooooo :-) ZOMG to you think everyone is different? :-D
  • Honour
    as long as my arms are long enough to meet my hands I'm happy
  • tenly_sierra says
    I've always felt you were perfectly proportioned inside and out. :-)

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