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  • 심플리 진
    i would love to... but i can't... :-(
  • nadnut™ will
    be going to!
  • darkholme says
    don't think that I can make it
  • Pat Law™ says
    hey hisfoodblog... would you like to come? I can't find your email address so ping me if you like to come? I'll email you the invite!
  • MforMusxzart says
    me me me! i am coming too!!
  • Ephraim Loy says
    is it open to everyone?
  • victan says
    bloggers only ;-)
  • His Food Blog says
    erm... do I have to print the invite?... or I can just make my way to #03-01 for the event?
  • Pat Law™ says
    dearies, I'll reply u with an email when I return from the clinic ok?
  • Pat Law™ says
    and no, u don't have to print the invite out. Just be sure to RSVP. Seats are limited!
  • Pat Law™ says
    Its free for bloggers only.
  • His Food Blog says
    okok... I will be going... provided my office dun hold me back
  • SingingCoconut says
    she might be late, need to send mom to airport
  • SingingCoconut asks
    should we meet up somewhere before heading there together? She don't feel like going there late for getting lost -.-

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