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  • clfairman says
    I need to send this to my DD. She is student-teaching at this very time and struggling with the decisions that are made that seem to have little to do with her students and their achievement.
  • clfairman says
    Paper work and meticulously formatted lesson plans were more important than the fact her students mastered the concept when she did a spontaneous reteach on day-2. Day 1 - students didn't get it, but...
  • clfairman says
    lesson plans were spot on. That evening she spent time creating documenting and outlining what she was going to do for the reteach, but did not have time - if she preferred to get some sleep, to recreate...
  • clfairman says
    the formal lesson plans. The next day the lesson was great and everyone was impressed until that saw her informal outline for the lesson. DD called me extremely frustrated, "Really, Mom, paper work is more...
  • clfairman says
    important than my students' learning." She is wondering if she made the correct career choice if this is what is going to be about.
  • shirky17
    I am not sure that I disagree with "every student master every standard" their own time and own would things be if we did this from day 1
  • AndyTSDC says
    The argument is circular. The author suggests that much of our good intentions done for the good of the students are in fact detrimental, but abandoning them for the same reason is, well, more of the same.

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