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  • Rowan
    These posts are making me want to go shooting :-)
  • Berry says
    You are rockin the tuts this week!
  • Honour
    I think I'm tut'ed out :-P
  • Neill
    Thanks for the tips! (dance)
  • Honour
    aww you're very welcome:-)
  • coradile
    Oh yeah! So helpful! Thanks!
  • Honour
    whew! :-)
  • Shae Sixpence says
    Lmao@ "Ill be pissed if they fix it" hahahaha!
  • Shae Sixpence says
    No seriously, thank you. I am having the worst day at worked and really needed that laugh.
  • Shae Sixpence says
    You didnt write that for me but it sure turned up in my world at the perfect time. Xoxox
  • Honour
    wonderful!! :-)

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