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  • Misha
    good girl, she has better self esteem than i do
  • Misha
    i hope she sends that shit to his mom and grandma
  • ღ Chandni ღ
    lol she's awesome and damn he's a fucking jerk.. and idiot
  • ~Nimil~ says
    omg this is awesome
  • Lindsay
    she rocks LOL
  • Athena Stark
    What an asshole. Good for her, I hope that dude gets named and shamed all over the internet
  • Quint
    lol he is, good for her
  • ευε-L
    yay!! another douche bag bites the dust! you know what is sad though...for him to think he could do that..some chick fell for it at least once. And she is not fat.
  • Easter Sandy
    I would be proud of that girl if she was my daughter. If I was that douchebag's mother on the other hand. Ugh.
  • Lindsay
    I hope she really did send screen caps to his mom and grandma rofl
  • Tillie
    We could do, she posted all the names. :-P
  • Royote
    I imagine they've gotten it by now...
  • Tillie
    This guy is really weird.
  • Royote
    and yeah, I am so fine with him being shamed and treated like shit.
  • Royote
    I get shit like this all the time online for existing while female; boys assume that if we don't want to fuck them that there's something wrong with us.
  • Tillie
    I guess he was half drunk and horny.
  • Tillie
    And when she said to send the stuff to his mum he was insta-sober. :-P
  • Royote
    she's a legal adult afaik, she's on tumblr.
  • Tillie
    Are there illegal adults, too? :-o
  • Royote
    me, I should have been banned by law from getting this old
  • Faerycat(Beth)
    I get so sick of guys like this, and there are far too many, who think women are just there to make -them- happy. I hope he gets a ton of shit from his mom.
  • chloe Seljan
    If it's true, this girl rock! i hope she sent screenshot.

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